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Church History

In 1965 the members of Central Baptist Church in downtown San Antonio, along with its pastor, Dr. J.B. McLeroy, realized that the city was changing and that future growth would be to the north.  They found that there was need for a church in this area and began studying the possibility of purchasing property to build a church there.  After much prayer and negotiation, the lot on Wurzbach road was purchased and construction began.    Thirty-two members of Central Baptist pledged to move their membership to this new church and to support it.  On march 10, 1968 the first service was held in Glen Oaks Elementary School.  Dr. McLeroy acted as pastor until the pastor/builder, Re. Ed Hartwell came to begin the construction in September of that year.  Rev Hartwell preached here while the construction in \was ongoing and led members of both congregations to give many hours of labor on the building.
Because the church had been establish by Central Baptist Church, it was decided to call it North Central Baptist Church.  The church was constituted in February, 1969 with Dr. McLeroy as interim pastor.  The church was dedicated in March of that year 77 charter members.  Since that time the church has had the following pastors:
Rev. Hal Wingo (interim), Rev. Bill Kenney, Rev. Raymond woodruff, Rev. C.B. Baker; Rev. David Saathoff, Rev. Randall Pike,  and Rev. Roger Box.  Though these men were different in style and in their strengths and weaknesses, God was faithful to use all of them to bless the church and to keep His purpose for the church alive.
In 1991, the church name was changed to Medical Center Baptist with the belief that this would make it easier to locate and would bring in more new members.  About that time, part of the land was sold and the present education building was constructed and the sanctuary was remodeled.  Presently, there are three congregations besides the original one meeting here:  a Chinese congregation, a Hispanic congregation, and a Korean congregation.  The Chinese congregation meets in portable buildings at the rear of the sanctuary an the others meet at various times in the education building and the sanctuary.  It is our belief that being able to house these congregations is in God's will for Medical Center Church today.