How Can You Get Along With God?



How to Begin -


God's Plan from the Bible:


  • God wants us to live an abundant, full life- John 10:10
  • Adam and Eve blew it for all of us ...we have a sin nature- Romans 5:12
  • Sin makes us unholy, unacceptable in God's sight- Romans 3:23
  • God provides the solution Himself.  He pays for our sin - Romans 5:8
  • Our part is to believe- Romans 4:24, 25
  • I believe by transferring my trust in anything else i.e. self, others, family, church membership, good living, giving money or time, knowing the right people, born in America, etc.  TO God's solution in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross and His power to make us right in God's sight by His resurrection.
  • Would you make that decision today?  You can know you have eternal life if you "have" Christ- I John 5:11, 12, 13
  • It could be as simple as a "prayer" in which you make that transaction with God such as:  "God, I know I've sinned and need your forgiveness.  I turn to You and away from those sins.  I believe You, Jesus Christ, died to pay for those sins.  I believe You rose from the dead to seal my opportunity to be with you for all eternity.  So, I now ask you to come live in my heart, be my Savior and to the best of my knowledge, Lord of my life from now into eternity.  Thanks for coming into my life as You promised You would if I asked.  Revelations 3:20.  Help me now to grow, grow and grow until my dying day here on this earth."  [Back to Top]

Key questions:

  • Have you come to a place in your spiritual life that you know you have eternal life?  i.e. that if for some reason you were to die today you know you would be with God for all eternity?
  • Now suppose you were to die today and you appear before God.  When He asks you,  why should I let you in My Heaven? What kind of answer would you give?  This will show what or Whom you are trusting to get life that lasts forever.
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How to Grow -

General Plan:
  • Believe God wants you to grow- I Peter 2:2
  • Talk to Him daily at definite times.  Also talk to Him all day long.
  • Listen to Him in His Word at definite times...i.e. a devotion time, a "quiet-time" with Him in which you read AND think about what He's saying both then and now.
  • Interact with other Christians on a regular basis in Bible study, prayer for one another, supporting one another, building up one another,  ...doing this in general worship times together, in small groups such as Sunday school, and in one on one encouragement partners
  • Share what you know with as many people that you know in a way that makes people thirsty and want to follow your Lord also.[Back to Top]

Personal Goals

  • "Quiet times" per week?
  • Scripture memorized per week?
  • People I've prayed for to allow me to tell or share with them what I know about Christ.
  • Growth in character values.  Obedience victories this week.

Accountability Partner- Am I meeting with someone who can pray very specifically for me.  That "someone" is one I can trust to both be honest with me and I with them, speak to me in love, keep confidences, read God's Word and discuss it together and check one another on Scripture verses and share witnessing opportunities.[Back to Top]
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