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The God That Changes Not

Scripture Reading:”For I Am The Lord, I change not.”  Malachi 3:6

There’s probably not one person in our country that is not familiar with the recent news and happenings concerning the coronavirus. Everywhere you turn people are talking about it, and there are varying opinions from every walk of life.

In the midst of all of the alarm and talk, there are significant changes that are taking place in our society. And for most of us, we have been confronted with an existence that we have never known and are being compelled to adjust as time goes along. For many, this is an absolute inconvenience, to say the least.

Very few people like change. It doesn’t feel good and it separates us from what we’re used to and what we’re comfortable with.

But one of the greatest challenges, I believe, that comes along with the present adjustments that we’re having to make as we go through this pandemic, is the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. We simply don’t know.

Yet, there is one solitary truth that gives my heart comfort and peace, and I pray that it will provide the same for your heart as well; The truth is, That, we serve a God that does not change.

In this life, we will encounter many trials, tribulations, and changes that will challenge us on every hand. But we can take comfort in the unchanging hand of God, knowing that, no matter what we may encounter, he will always be good; his heart towards us, and for us, will always be good, and the end that he has in mind for each of us will certainly be good.

 This truth will serve us all well if we keep it close to our hearts during this difficult season.


Pastor Lowe

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