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Work while It is Day

"I must work the works of Him that sent Me while it is day; the night cometh when no man can work." - John 9:4

Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege and Blessing of celebrating my 50th Birthday with family and Friends.

My wife did the most wonderful job of putting this all together without me ever knowing anything.

 I thank God for her.

One of the biggest highlights of the celebration was to have my mother and 2 of my Aunts come down from Temple, Texas and celebrate with us.
That truly blessed my heart.

While talking with one of my Aunts, I heard her say something that really had me contemplating more deeply the present moment that I was in.

She said, "Folks ought to work and do for the Lord while it is day, and while we still have the strength and energy to do so; because there will come a time when we won't  be able to."

That stuck with me. 

Right now, for myself (and many others) it is still daytime; and there are countless opportunities, and areas of great need, for God to do his works in and through us.

But these opportunities won't always be before us, and none of us will live forever.

Now is the time, to work the works of God, while it is still day; because the night will surely come.
My desire, at 50, is to do the works of God while I still have the chance. 
Lord, help us to do the works that you have called us to while we still have the chance. Whether it's to pray, go out into the fields, or simply share your love with those you bring across our paths; help us do your will, in your strength.

In Jesus Name.

May God continue to Show You Kindness,

Pastor Lowe
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