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Be Thankful For The Small Things

“Who with reason despises the day of small things (beginnings)? For these seven [eyes] shall rejoice when they see the plumbline in the hand of Zerubbabel. They are the eyes of the Lord which roam throughout the earth.”  (Zechariah 4:10… Amp)

This morning, before getting out of bed, I was thinking and meditating on all of the many things that God has done in our lives over the past 5 years. (Thinking on His past deeds for us does wonders for our faith). During the course of my thoughts, I recalled a time when I was just trying to get my business up and going. I can’t truly say that I had any particular goal or ambition for what I was doing then; I was just using the best means that I knew of to provide for my family and put beans on the table. 
I remember renting astriping/painting machine (to paint lines on the parking lots) from a friend of mine. I would load that machine up in an old small SUV that was given to me by an elderly lady at a Senior living center. She just GAVE it to me! And I took it.. Lol
Anyway, I got a call one day from a friend that said he knew someone that needed just 9 lines done for him. That’s it. The person that called me about that particular job, to see if I was interested, had already called several other contractors, better equipped than I was, to see if they were interested in doing such a small job, and none of them were.
I ended up doing the job, and afterwards, the man was grateful for my willingness to come out and do such a small job, and he promised that there would be more. Most people say that at the beginning, but he said it “after” I completed the work.
He kept his word, and I’ve done several jobs for him since that initial beginning, and they’ve all gotten bigger and bigger, with the biggest job I’ve ever done just over the horizon.
This all came from a small, seemingly insignificant, job that no one wanted to bother with. But I was honestly grateful for the opportunity that came my way, in spite of how small it was.
Having said that, I honestly believe that it blesses God’s heart when we are thankful for the Small things in life.Though we can’t earn anything from His hand, nor do we deserve anything, we could potentially open ourselves up to have so much more poured into our lives if we would learn to have gratitude for what we have, and where we may be, now.
God knows how to make that Little A lot, if He so wills to do so. 
But even if He doesn’t, we’ll experience a world of joy and peace if we’re thankful…. “even for the small things”.
Father, we give you thanks for everything that you provide for us in this life, from the smallest to the biggest things, taking nothing for granted. Help us to always be thankful; and please grant that our eyes be enabled to “see” your goodness all around us from day to day. Most of all, we thank you for Eternal Salvation which you have given us through your Son.
By the Grace of God,
Pastor Lowe

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