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Walking With A Limp

So Jacob was left alone, and a Man [came and] wrestled with him until daybreak. – Genesis 32:24 (AMP)

When I was a young pup in middle school I played quarterback on the seventh grade B team. I had never played football In my entire life up to that point.
My grandparents allowed me to play, with the condition that I would keep my grades up and stay out of trouble (Staying out of trouble meant, doing as I’m told).

A few days prior to our second game of the season, I missed a Friday night church service, of which my grandfather had already forewarned that I betta’ not miss.As a result of not being where I should’ve been that night, I ended up getting into a fight, and the report came back to my grandfather.
I didn’t know that he knew, at the time. But, because I knew I missed church and would be in trouble anyway, I stayed outside the house until all of the lights were off, and snuck in the house afterwards.
I went sound to sleep, but I was awakened to a hot leather belt several hours later (I can still almost feel it now…. lol).
During the course of my punishment, I can remember making insistent promises to my grandfather that I won’t do it “no mo granddaddy!!”. But that didn’t stop him.

Several days later, we had our second game of the season. That would be my last game.While running along the sideline, an opponent appeared in front of me, so I cut into the middle of a crowd of opponents, and was hit so hard that I suffered a fracture to my femur bone.
After a couple of weeks on traction, and a few more months In an almost full body cast, I was left with the support of crutches for several more months.
Needless to say, even after all of that, I was still left walking with a Limp for a long time afterward.

Yet, that Limp, for me, served as a constant reminder that God is real, and He will, out of Love, get my attention by any means he has to. But it’s always for His Glory, and my benefit.

He wrestled with Jacob because he wanted to break him of all of his self-reliance, independence, and pride (I believe it was the same in my case).Though Jacob was determined to have his own way, the Limp he incurred was a testament to the fact that he finally came (almost by force it seems) to a place of increasing reliance and trust in God.(He was left in a position of leaning upon God for support)

Do you Walk with a Limp? Where are you when it comes to total and complete reliance upon The Lord? Who/What do you lean on?

Father, we know that it is your will that we trust you with all of our hearts and yield to you all that we are. But, sometimes we tend to take the reigns and lean on our own strength and understanding, and we put our hope and trust in other things. Help us, by your Grace, to rely solely upon you.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Lowe

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