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Because He’s Good

Thou art good, and doest good; teach me Thy statutes. – Psalm 119:68

The other day I was speaking with a gentleman who is of the same profession as I am, striping parking lots.

He had recently ran into a great misfortune by having a good portion of his possessions stolen and taken away, along with his truck.

I felt really bad for him at the time this all happened; it had to had been at least a couple of months ago.

Well, when he called me the other day, it was to share the good news that he had gotten it all back!

He was very excited, and I was just as excited for him!

I told him, “Man God really blessed you”, to which he said, “Yeah, I treat people right…. I do what’s right…. I don’t take anything from people….. I…. I…. I…..I….”

“I” immediately cut him off right in the middle of his list of accolades and said, “No, God blessed you because HE’S good. There’s nothing we do to earn His blessings; nor are we able to. When He does good, it is because HE’S good and wants to do us Good.”

He agreed.

But, it had me reflecting on my own heart and attitude….  

Because we’re human, we ALL have that inherent tendency to want to put a badge of approval on our chest from time to time and think ourselves to be (inwardly) good people. Yet, the Bible says, “verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity.” (Psalms 39:5b)

That gentleman’s words were a reproof to my own heart, and it awakened me again to realize, that, We are able to experience and enjoy good only because HE is good.

Lord God, forgive us for not fully acknowledging your goodness…. And forgive us even more so for not resting in, and Trusting in, your goodness. Give us eyes to see that you alone are good.

In God’s Peace,

Pastor Lowe

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