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Being Faithful To Your Call

“My sons, do not be negligent and careless now, for the Lord has chosen you to stand in His presence, to attend to His service, and to be His ministers and burn incense.”
2 Chronicles 29:11 AMP

The above verse was a center piece of my thoughts and meditation throughout the course of this past week; mainly because of the charge that Hezekiah had given to the Priests and Levites.

I took it as a charge to me personally… and I think this is something that every believer in Christ could benefit from as well.

If we are “In Christ”, it is because God called us, and He chose us, for His own good Pleasure and Purpose. (See Eph. 1:9)

In addition to that, the scripture says …"We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we “SHOULD” walk in them..”

Having said that, I believe a good question to ask ourselves is, “Am I walking (faithfully) in the thing that God has called and chosen me to?”

Or am I being “negligent and careless?”

The Priests and Levites of Hezekiah’s time had probably become inactive and unemployed, because, prior to King Hezekiah’s reign, The wicked King Ahaz closed the doors to the House of The Lord and rid God’s house of all of the articles of worship.

But now, under King Hezekiah, they had another opportunity to “make their calling and election sure.”

The charge was a simple one; “Be not negligent and careless now… For The Lord Has Chosen You…”

What has God called You To?

Whether it be the Function of a Father, Mentor, Mother, Pastor, Or Friend…. Are You Being Faithful To Your Call?

Father, we thank You that You have Chosen Us to be in your family; and we thank you for the good works that you have ordained beforehand for each of us to walk in. Today, we simply ask that you would help us, by your strength, to be faithful to what you have called us to.

May Grace and Peace Be Yours,

Pastor Lowe
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