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Always Leave Room To Grow

..”and he began to speak boldly and fearlessly in the synagogue. But when Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained more accurately to him the way of God [and the full story of the life of Christ].” – (Acts 18:26 Amp)

The other day I was driving and thinking about my grandfather.

Although He’s been gone from this earth for a few years already, I still miss him dearly and think about him quite often.

My grandfather was a very practical man; always actively engaged in his faith, his family, and his life’s work.

He was also a simple and modest man.

Yet, his insight and understanding of things pertaining to both life and Godliness seemed to be profound and immeasurable.

I didn’t think that there was “anything” that my grandfather didn’t know, or anything he hadn’t experienced…

But, at the ripe ‘ole age of 77, I heard him say these words (as he gave way to a younger generation of ministers); “I’m a much better learner than I am anything else…”

It didn’t make sense to me at the time.

But, just like so many other things he said during the course of my life, it makes sense now.

He left room to grow…. He knew he didn’t know everything, so he was always open to learning more and growing as a person.

He was pliable and teachable (and he knew those who weren’t…. Lol).

In the abovementioned verse, we see a man named Apollos, who was passionate in what he knew and understood (vs. 25).

But He didn’t have the full picture, or the whole loaf. He had to be taken aside to gain a greater understanding concerning the gospel.

He listened…. He learned… and as a result, he became a big help to the believers at the next course in his journey (vs. 27)

What’s the Point Pastor?…

Never think that you know everything that there is to know about God and Life…; Always Leave Room To Grow.

In Christ,

Pastor Lowe

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