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“There Is Something Far, Far Better”

But I am hard-pressed between the two. I have the desire to leave [this world] and be with Christ, for that is far, far better; – (Philippians 1:23 AMP)

I recall hearing an ole’ seasoned Believer say one time, “The great difficulty  most folks have in this life, when it comes time to ‘check out’, is turning Loose of this ole world.”

I never forgot that statement; because, in reality, I once found it to be the case with my own heart.

The truth is that there are many (if not most) that would rather not take that journey beyond the veil of this life into the next, and it’s largely because we simply… don’t…. want…. to turn loose of this ole’ world.

Yet, we see David saying to his son as he was transitioning into the after life, …. “I go the way of all the earth” (see 1st Kings 2:2), which tells us that every one who ever exists will go this way.

But the knowledge of that reality doesn’t make it any easier, even for the believer, because of the strong affections we develop while here.

Still, we all must go this way.

In the verse above, we read in the context, that The apostle Paul had a perception that seems very rare to find.

He said that he was “torn” between a desire to be with Christ, or stay here in the world.

“Being with Christ”, he said, is “Far, Far Better…..”

In light of that truth, I challenge you to think of what would be the best and most fulfilling joy you think you could ever experience in this life…. (Done it yet?)

No matter how lofty the dream or experience, There is Yet Something Far, Far better than that..

Lord, help us to set our affections on the things above, where it matters the most… and grant that we not only live for the “here and now”, but more so for the “there and then.” Give us an eternal perspective that we might live the days granted to us wisely.
In Jesus Name…

In His Peace,

Pastor Lowe 

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