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“Words That Strengthen”

Job 16:5 AMP

“[But instead] I could strengthen and encourage you with [the words of] my mouth, And the consolation and solace of my lips would soothe your suffering and lessen your anguish.”

When I read the verse above, one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was “What effect do my words have on others?”

I talk to countless people on a daily basis, but I’m rarely mindful of the impact and influence of my words towards them.

Yet, what we say matters…. And what we say makes a difference.

The Bible says that “the tongue of the wise is health” (prov 12:18); so, our words can be used to bring healing and encouragement.

In the context of our topic verse, we learn that Job’s friends didn’t do such a good job of providing healing and encouragement with their words, and Job didn’t hesitate to let them know that…. “Miserable comforters are ye all.” (Vs 1)

In fact, he went even further and said if they were in his shoes, and he in theirs, he would strengthen them with his words and ease their grief by the moving of His lips.

Words can have that effect… Even more so, The word of God.

Today, will you speak words That strengthen (and encourage)?

Father, we ask that you grant, by your wisdom and power, that our words today be seasoned with the salt of Grace that we may know how we ought to answer every man.

In Jesus Name

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Lowe

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