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Look Well To Thine Own Soul

5 So remember the heights from which you have fallen, and repent [change your inner self—your old way of thinking, your sinful behavior—seek God’s will] and do the works you did at first [when you first knew Me]; otherwise, I will visit you and remove your lampstand (the church, its impact) from its place—unless you repent. – (Revelation 2:5 Amp)

This morning when I woke up and really woke up, I had this particular verse of scripture on my mind and heart. (I actually had a fleeting thought of it the night before)

So I went to go read it and study it out a bit, and there were 2 glaring thoughts that I gained from it; and I want to share them.

The first thought that occurred to me was that “There is only One person who truly knows where we are internally”, and it’s not us.

In fact, David said in the Psalms that “such knowledge is too wonderful for me” (in reference to knowing what God knows.)

God Knows our hearts, and He knows where we really are, even beyond all that we say and do on a daily basis “for His name’s sake”. He knows.

And because David knew that God alone knew, he asked “Search Me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:” {see Psalms 139}

I believe He asked God because He’s (God) the only one that could search his heart and come up with the most accurate assessment of what’s on the inside.

The second thought was that “Our relationship with The Lord is absolutely the most important relationship that you and I will ever have in our entire existence; and it’s the ONLY relationship that will matter will all others come to an end.

As a result, our Love and relationship to Christ ought never take a backseat to anyone or anything else in this life….

But if we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes it does. And although we mask it with all of the good and right things, The One Who Loves our Souls, beyond our ability to even comprehend, Knows.

Having said all of that, If there was ever a charge of great importance I could give, it would be to encourage us all to do whatever we can, in The Power and Provision God gives, to Look Well To Our Own Souls throughout the course of this new year and beyond.In fact, Paul said “Work Out Your Own Salvation (apply, not earn) with Fear and trembling… and I believe a great part of doing that is by being firmly established in Love “To” God, above all others.
After all, He loved us First, and He loved us Most when He gave Himself up to die for our sins..

Father, we Thank You for always being so merciful and patient to-ward us. We ask that You will firmly establish our footing in Love for You, above everything else, in this New Year and beyond.

In Jesus Name, Amen..

We’re Praying For Your Growth and Strength,

Pastor Lowe

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