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Having God’s Favor

Blessed be the Lord, For He has shown His marvelous favor and lovingkindness to me [when I was assailed] in a besieged city. – Psalm 31:21

Earlier today I had someone reach out to me and request prayer for someone who happened to have been having a pretty bad week.

I immediately responded to the request with a very short prayer response that said, “Lord, we pray your Favor and kindness upon ____.”

It was a spontaneous thing to pray such a prayer, but I know it was prayed in faith.

Afterwards, though, I was wondering what it really meant for someone to Have God’s Favor.

After all, it couldn’t be a bad thing…  🙂

But, it made me wonder how God’s Favor could have an impact or influence upon someone who’s having a bad week?

What does it mean to Have God’s Favor?

(Glad you asked….)

To have God’s Favor is to have His Grace, blessing, and help (in it’s simplest form).

His Favor is unearned and undeserved, but it is always a readily available attribute to any and all who choose to trust in Him.

It’s because of His Favor that we have an opportunity at eternal life (see Rom. 5:8), because God’s Favor flows from The Love that He has for us.

By His Favor we are strengthened and protected, as David testified in the verse above.

Yet, what’s probably the greatest confirmation and benefit of God’s Favor is His presence.

The Bible says that Jesus, while here on earth, grew in Favor with God (spiritual closeness) and in Favor with man (social respect)…[Luke 2:52]

(I personally believe that Favor with God eventually led to Favor with man)

Closing thought: Having God’s Favor is having all the help That you and I will ever need in this life….

Lord, Thank You for bestowing your Favor upon such undeserving creatures as we are… 

In Jesus’ Name,

Pastor Lowe

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