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What Are You Thankful For?

O give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name; make known His deeds among the people. – (Psalm 105:1)

Last Sunday, leading up to Thanksgiving week, we were blessed with the privilege of having an open mic in our church service.

During that time, everyone in our small congregation had an opportunity to share with everyone some of the things that we were all Thankful for.

There was definitely not enough Time for any of us to really share Alllllll of the reasons we had for giving Thanks to the Lord, so we shared the few things we could think of at the time.

I can’t quite recall any of the things I shared at that time (other than being thankful for my salvation) but I did manage to ponder the question beyond the service and come up with a myriad of other reasons to give God thanks.

 I will only mention one right now because I believe it can help us all.

One of the things that I found myself being truly grateful for was The blessing God gave me in having my grandparents in my life.

I learned things from their lives while growing up that helped shape me then, and many of those very lessons are still being used to shape my character now.

My grandparents Loved The Lord, and they governed and based their entire lives upon His word.

They always told us the things that were right, according to the word of God, and they never swerved from their convictions concerning that truth…. even if we didn’t like it!

And Guys, I am eternally grateful for having that example!

Yet, in closing, I pray today that each of “us” would walk by the same rule and example, and base all of our words, choices, and actions solely upon the Sacred Text of God’s word without compromising with a world that so desperately needs the truth of His Heart.

My Grandparents set that example for all of their children!

That’s One Thing I’m So Thankful For!

Father, we Thank You today for So Great A Salvation that We Have In Christ. Help Us to Reflect the Reality of Your Salvation in our everyday lives that others may Be drawn to This Hope.

In Christ’s Love, 

Have A Wonderful Day!

Pastor Lowe

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