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Believe and trust in ALL of God’s plan

If we never were in need of healing then God wouldn’t be the healer that He is. I believe He heals but I also know He doesn’t always choose that.
As Christians, a responsibility we must bear; means believing in His power in the midst of our trials. I believe through trials we are tested, changed, molded, strengthened, and built up.
If you find yourself sick with the flu, cold, pneumonia, or Covid, etc it doesn’t mean that you and I don’t believe enough or that we’re hiding a sin. I believe and trust in ALL of God’s plans; even when that means He doesn’t choose to heal me and I’m inconvenienced. Be encouraged. Remember that Job’s suffering was definitely NOT the result of a lack of faith.
He STILL loves us. He STILL has a plan. How we respond in our trial is important; draw closer to God and allow Him to walk with you through the dark hour.
I choose to run to God in the midst of the storm. We are not alone.  My personal prayer — “Lord if I’m in need of spiritual healing; then I want and seek that first!!!”
If you are in need of prayer my husband and I would love to pray for you in our prayer time. Love you all.

Pastor and Laurie Lowe

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