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He Still Works Miracles

This, the first of His signs (attesting miracles), Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and revealed His glory [displaying His deity and His great power openly], and His disciples believed [confidently] in Him [as the Messiah—they adhered to, trusted in, and relied on Him]. – John 2:11 

In our Thursday night Bible study we’ve begun going through the book of John. We’ve only covered the first 2 chapters, but it’s been full of insight.

One of the things that I’ve learned about the book, as a whole, is how it is centered solely upon Jesus Chirst and His Deity (another word for The Nature of God).

John’s intent was to reveal Him as such (Son of God) so that the world in turn might believe; and it was through the working of many miracles, that, not only his disciples, but many others as well, came to believe on His name and put their total trust in Him.

When God works miracles, I believe He does it with an intended purpose attached to it; one of the purposes, I personally believe, is that others might initially come to trust Him; and for those that know Him, that they might come to trust Him more and more.

I can testify of a myriad of miracles of which I’ve heard about, seen with my own eyes, or personally experienced myself. If told, they would all give testimony to the Goodness and Glory of God.

But there is one miracle, that, to me, tops them all.  

The Miracle of A changed Life.

There is nothing more powerful, and greater, than taking a wayward life, who had “no” sense of direction towards what is good and right, and “no” desire for God (or the things of God), and change His entire disposition (the inner being) to want to Live, Breathe, and Think in a way that was totally foreign to him before that Transformation.

Only God could do that!

A work that is just as miraculous as turning the water into wine; and a work that I am so Grateful  He is still in the business of doing today. 

If you’ve entertained doubt concerning the power and ability of our Loving Father, I encourage you today with this truth that I pray your soul may find refuge and rest in:….. “God Still Works Miracles”.

Father, today we Thank You that you are still a miracle working God. And Lord, we thank you that we have experienced your miracle working power in our lives. Help us, Lord, to tell others of Your mighty works, that You may be glorified and many other sons and daughters may be brought to Glory!

In Jesus name, Amen…
May God Be With You, 

Pastor Lowe

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